Press-Launching Ichitan Yen Yen

9:04 AM

A few days ago I attended the press-launching for Ichitan Yen Yen by Ichitan Group. Ichitan Yen Yen is one of RTD (Ready To Drink) that have a very special ingredient and flavor. Ichitan Yen Yen is a brand new liang cha (a.k.a herbal tea) gives a new excitement if you eat spicy food because Ichitan Yen Yen will reduce the spiciness of your food.

Ichitan Yen Yen made from 4 special ingredients such as grass jelly, mulberry leafs, green tea, and chrysanthemum. Grass jelly has shooting effects and helps your digestion. Mulberry Leafs is common leafs in traditional Chinese herb. It contains mineral and antioxidant will reduce sore throat. Green tea is antioxidant-rich and has so many good nutrition for body. Also can give a calming effect. Chrysanthemum has shooting effects just like grass jelly and help to reduce body temperature when overheated.

I have a chance to meet Mr. Tan Passakornnatee as Chairman and CEO of Ichitan Group. He was superb nice and love spicy food (maybe because he loves spicy food so he created Ichitan Yen Yen hihihi). Anyway, He treats me and ohers blogger in Bebek Bengil Menteng. Bebek Bengil Sambal Matah is very hot but also very delicious. It's a perfect combination between Bebek Bengil Sambal Matah and Ichitan Yen Yen.


Store: any grocery store in Indonesia
Price: 6.5k

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