Beauty and The Beast Inspired Dinner - Part 1

9:34 AM

A few days ago I had a special late-valentine dinner with my Dad sponsored by Cosmogirl Indonesia and Disney Indonesia. I was very very excited because the dinner was inspired by Beauty and the Beast which is newest Disney Princess movie for this year.

Beauty and the Beast is one of Walt Disney Pictures production stars by Emma Watson ( my favorite actress xoxo ), Dan Stevens, and many more. Belle is a young woman who is taken prisoner by a Beast in his castle in exchange for the freedom of her father Maurice. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle's enchanted staff and she learns to look beyond the Beast's exterior to recognize the true heart and soul of the human Prince within. Meanwhile, a hunter named Gaston is on the loose to take Belle for himself and later intends to hunt down the Beast at any cost. ( source : Wikipedia )

Anyway, let’s move to the dinner. It was held in Potato Head, Pacific Place, SCBD. I went there with my Mom and Dad and we left at 5pm. Due to Jakarta’s traffic, we arrived at 7.30pm. I was very very panic because the dinner began at 7pm. But, Cosmogirl Indonesia and Disney Indonesia’s Team was very nice to me so yeah I was released. Here’s the footage of my Beauty and the Beast inspired dinner.

Starter : Beef Skewer Import from Japan
Intermediate : Lobster Ravioli
Main Course : Roasted Duck
Dessert : Chocolate Eclair with Dark Chocolate Mouse

I also got a goodie bag, if you guys want to know what's inside, let's move to the next part of Beauty and the Beast inspired dinner 

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  1. I'm soooo looking forward to watch this film!!
    I'm sure you had an amazing dinner :)


  2. So pretty ^^
    Waahh iri banget bisa dinner bareng ayah, jadi pengen. Apalagi tema plating nya Disney Beauty & The Beast, lucu banget ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  3. Lovely photos and the food looks delicious:)

  4. beautiful <3

    cheer, michelle ~