New Year, New Blogging Resolutions

9:07 AM

Hello Peeps! This is my second post on 2017. Well, I’m gonna tell you about my blogging life. New Year means new ideas also new blogging inspirations. It’s a perfect time to upgrade my content and my schedule so I can improve my blog and grow as better blogger. 2017 is around the corner, so here is it my New Year blog resolution!

Sorry to say but being consistent is one of my bad. But don’t worries I already bought my blog planner so I can be more consistent about the schedule. Have your own blog planner is very helpful. It makes you more organize and feeling a lil bit of “under pressure” because you see the deadline so yeah it push you hard to be more consistent.

Revise any old content
Let’s face it, we all grow up and move on to different things.  The New Year is the best time to scan your older posts and decide whether or not they’re still relevant to your blog today. Anyway, I’ve been so in love with “The Crush Section” especially beauty crush and fashion crush. I want to keep it up.

Develop an income generating idea
For most bloggers, making money takes a long time and so I am. It’s those that can come up with awesome income generating ideas that will prosper in the New Year. I’ll use my skills and knowledge to make my readers happy so “maybe” I’m gonna have a change to have excellent income too.

That’s all. I hope you’ll get a great blogging year! Xoxo, S!

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  1. Great post!
    I have written a post about how to get bigger and fuller lips, you can check it out on my blog, if you want to ☺♥

  2. I wish you the best on your resolutions! Getting the income is so harsh!!! At least to me ;)


  3. love the resolutions, mine are the same!

    lu | Coco&Louis

  4. Great blogging goals, good luck!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  5. great post