2016 : DONE.

2:10 AM

2016 is over! This year has been amazing. So many ups and downs thru my life. Sometimes life is not about happy things but it’s more meaningful if mixed up with bad things. Anyway, let’s talk more about 2016 and oh! Ofc about 2017. This has been such a special year and I am so excited to see what 2017 brings. Let me show you why.

Last year is about straightening relationship with people around me. I though being independent and being alone are the right ways to achieve something. But I was totally wrong. For me happiness came with the people that I love.  I find happiness with people around me, such as my family, friends, partners, and my loved ones. I’m so blessed to have amazing people by my side.

About my love life. Hmm there are so many people who curious with my love live. I got so many questions on Yeah 2016 bring us ups and downs. But it makes me learns so many things. Relationship is all about love each other, always support each other, make each other feeling better, do something crazy together, never cheating, trust each other, and comfort each other. So, is it still keep rolling out of your mind? Are we break up or no? It’s depend on yours. I keep it as secret. Because I don't want to share about my love life anymore. 

I almost forget about my new year resolutions. Here they are..
Have my own brand.
Trips with my loved ones.
Have my own camera :(

2017 is gonna be great year because I create it. Thank you guys for being a part of my life and I love you all so much. Cheers for twenty-seventeen!

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  1. Great post dear :) Happy new year!

  2. Happy new year to you and all the best, have a fabulous 2017!

    Xoxo, Victoria