MINIMAL x #GaniLovesMinimal x Ayu Gani

2:28 AM

Hei Chicas! I can't believe it’s been a half month already and now I feeling like in a dream. Actually, yesterday's like a dream. And every single day after yesterday I pretending to have a dream and never waking up from that dream. Then, I bet all of you are very curious about what happened yesterday. Right here, right now, I’ll bring you to my dream.

I never imagined meeting an Indonesian representative from Next Top Model franchise. So when MINIMAL invited me to join their Fashion Event, I never hesitated to say NO. Why? Because it was “Meet & Greet with Ayu Gani” also there was a trunk show from their upcoming collections 2016. Ayu Gani is the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model. She’s the first Indonesian woman who can stay until the three tops even until she comes up as the winner. She’s launching her lasts collaboration of Gani Loves Minimal as well.

Why you so pretty Gan?? :'(

Ayu Gani - Kanty Widjaja (Miss Earth'13 ; Miss Indonesia'12)

During the event, she shared to us about her experiences when she started to be a model as well as her experiences in Asia’s Next Top Model. She chooses 10 lucky followers of her to attend this private event because MINIMAL only allowed their VIP members, VVIP members, the staffs, and also symbolic appearance of MINIMAL's principal; and I’m one of them. So these are what I said to her yesterday.

"Gani, you teach me to always be yourself, be confidence, face every challenge with a strong heart, never give up, and always be stunning. That’s why Gani loves minimal. Because you are stunning just like minimal, you are elegant just like minimal, and you are gorgeous just like MINIMAL. I already saw you on top, now let me meet you at MINIMAL. (Minus: always chase your dream!)"

And surprisingly she’s hug me!

Yesterday’s sweet treats. A lot of little cookies and pastries. My favorite is the croissant!

The event went smoothly, packed with media darlings and fashionistas who were equally excited for the special collaboration launching. As paraphrased from Gani: MINIMAL is a brand that she can trust, since her mother also wear MINIMAL clothes for years, and now MINIMAL is available on a wider range for us the younger generation. I’m eyeing #GaniLovesMinimal Collections! Since the collection is only being produced in limited quantity. So off the top of one’s head, let’s shopping guys!!!

Do I look fat? Or she just too skinny?
A selfie is mandatory. So here she is.
Oh wait, you surely curious about the trunk show, do you? It’s all about their upcoming collections that will launch in 2016. I’ll tell in the next post! I definitely will post it as soon as possible because I know if you’re very curious about that and I cannot handle myself to post it.

With my mother - my 'half time manager' 
Cheers everyone! Cheers for MINIMAL! Cheers for Gani!
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