Best In 2015

8:36 AM

2015 is almost over. I don’t know how to explain my feeling about this. Happiness. Sadness. Afraid. Excited. It’s hard to tell you guys. But the one thing that I’m sure, I’m feeling grateful, more being grateful than before. Why? It doesn't matter what I feel today, yesterday, even tomorrow because God always gives His best for me, He always guides me wherever I go, He calm me, He always be there wherever I need Him. Maybe it’s kinda weird because it’s my first time talking about God. Last Christmas He was born to this earth and I have no fear about the future because He is here, beside me, behind me, and in front of me. He gave me the best memories with the best persons in the world. Now I’ll let you know who are they and what are the best memories that happened to me.

The very memorial part in 2015 is I graduate from Saint Ursula Senior High School. I gave all of my best to graduate from this “hell”. It’s so hard to survive, so hard to stick out with a good score with a good grade. It doesn't mean that I’m not smart or I always have a bad grade but that “hell” filled by amazing and smart girls, our scores can even different by 0, 1; so crazy enough, eh?

But in the last, I can survive, until I graduate. No matter how much tears I cry, how much time I spent to learn, how much time I sleep, how much fear I feel, how much anger. Now, I can understand all I felt and everything I stand for. I became a different person since I went to SHS, not in bad ways, but in good ways. I became stronger than before, smarter than before, discipline than before, mature than before, and I became great person now.

There are so many people around me who talk about the bad things about us maybe it’ll happen through our 3rd year together. They say; you’ll face a big fight, no more sweet memories, no more…hard to explain to you. The point is 3rd year is so awful, they say.
But, the fact is, they are wrong! It’s not like what they say *we never fight! Remember that*. Even though our 3rd year is not over, I spent the best memories with him.

As long as we believe each other, as long as we love each other, as long as we’re being honest to each other, NO ONE WILL STOP US!

Welcoming university life is sucks. Although I love design, I love art that much; but please its very sucks. I spent over night do my task, spent so much money for art things, my tasks were rejected by lecturer; I never imagine how hard university life is. But without my mom, my dad, my boyfie, and these bitches, I will not be able to survive. Bye first semester! I’ll not miss you :p

My squad better than yours


It’s my last two years being teen. It’s cool! Because I’m officially legal now! I could do anything that I want haha kidding guys. Anyway, in this year I feel more mature and wise.

This year was a great year for my blogging life. Started blogging since 2014 it means SYLVISAYSHELLO already one year, yyyeeeaaayyy!!! Haha I’m so happy that I can stay update in my blog even though sometimes I feel bored too. But anyway, the best things are I have a lot of blogging pals now and I already collaborated with some brands; IT WAS AWESOME! Thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for leaving a good comment, thank you for being update, thank you for being awesome readers. I LOVE YOU!

I think this post is gonna be ssoooo long, so I decided to make part 1 and part 2. Stay tune for the second part. Love!!

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  1. It looks like 2015 was an awesome year for you! :D 2016 is going to be even better, I'm sure! :)

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    Btw: really cute blog, I love it

    1. Happy New Year beautiful! I'm Following you, now we could stay keep in touch :)

  3. Hope the new year brings even more amazing memories!
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    1. I hope so Nayaliya :) Happy New Year

  4. Awesome post dear ! :) xx

  5. Nice post, have a good day

    1. Thank you Diii and Happy New Year ya :) Have a great year

  6. so so cool year in the pictures :-)

  7. Your outfit looks so adorable in the second photo with your boyfriend. Sounds like you had a wonderful eventful year! Hope 2016 will be just as memorable for you :) here's to the new year!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  8. Nice to read, and I really like your blog.
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    Love xx
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    1. Absolutely YES! Happy New Year dear. Oh, I already left a comment in your blog so go check it :)

  9. Great post!