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Hey guys! I’m back with another beauty review. It’s been a while since my last beauty review. A couple weeks ago I got a package from Emina Cosmetics. I got their latest Sugar Rush series. As you know, Emina Cosmetics is one of local branded make up. Even though it’s from local brand but I think the formula, packaging, and especially the quality is good enough. I’m so excited to tell you guys about my honest impressions about these products and here they are…

Well, Sugar Rush is inspired by the sweetness of sugar and vanilla. Sugar Rush series came out with a lot of beauty, make up, and body products. For lipstick, they launched four shades of lipstick. The color is quite bold but don’t worry it came out with one nude color. But I only got two shades which is shade 01 : Pink Velvet and shade 03 : Cherry Bomb.

I’m not a person who loves pink lipstick because it doesn’t match my skin tone also my personality. But I think this color is quite good. It’s not too pink (like shocking ones) but yeah it’s still ‘pink’. Maybe I’m not gonna use this product in the future.

Shade 03 : Cherry Bomb is my favorite. As you can see, I love bold lips. It means that I love red lipstick very much because it makes you look sexier, stronger, and powerful. This shade it’s not too red but more like maroon.

This product is more like a holy grail. Trust me you gonna love this product! Sugar Rush Lip Scrub is perfect for kinda ‘matte-lipstick’ person. It contains of organic sugar and apricot so it can make your lips smoother and ‘peel-off’ free. It also contains of vitamin C, vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil, and olive oil.  The smells is very yummy because it smells like vanilla butter and the taste is good haha that’s why I want to eat this :3 Good news is I will repurchase this Lip Scrub.

Oh! I also got Emina Shower Gel. This product is their first body product. I love the daisy smells and also the texture is contain a little seeds or something but I like it. It’s not too greasy but very bubbly.

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  1. I didn't know this brand.
    The products look great :D

    1. it's local brand based in Indonesia :)

      Sylvi Gautama

  2. Great review:) beautiful lipstick:)

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  4. Lovely review. Beautiful colors :)
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    Kiss, Kati

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  8. Post je predivan. Jako mi se dopada kako si napisala a i slike su fenomenalne... ljubac

    Da li bi volela da zapratimo jedna drugu? Mozes mi reci svoje misljenje na mom blogu.

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  10. Great products dear! Followed

  11. aku udah cobain yang sugar rush lipstick dan suka banget sama hasilnya, tahan lama padahal dia ngga matte hasilnya >.<

    aku udah follow blog kamu yaa

  12. a great post, I did not know, precious photos, I will read from now.

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  13. I didnt know the brand..but looks good..great photos!!

  14. Great post dear!

  15. I seriously don't know Emina does skin care products. It must be relatively new. Their lip scrub looks intriguing since it's not common yet in Indonesian local drugstore :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  16. Emina Sugar Rush lip scrub is kind of my life savior :)) Love this product too...