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Hella Chicas!
Lately, I’m obsessed with make up or beauty products. Just like the other teenager :) But I’m not that freakin’ mad about that. I’m not really often to buy it, I buy the one that I need the most *priority is my first rule in shopping*.

Well, last monday I’ve got a cute package from EminaCosmetics. Inside the package contains a book and an emergency makeup supply.

This book called STYLISH LIFE, designed by DindaPuspitasari. In this book there are lotta cute illustrations. I swear, this book is worth to have. Fyi, Dinda Puspitasari is my favorite illustrator, I love the way she illustrate fashion things or stylish women or anything. You’re gonna love her drawing if you have this book or her best-seller book 88LOVELIFE collaborated with Diana Rikasari, or you can check her blog too.
I'm soooo in looove with the color of the book!
Cute drawing by Dinda Puspitasari

The emergency makeup supply contains Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush, My Favorite Things Lip Balm Color, and Emina City Chic CC Cake.

Emina Cheeky Cream Blush in peach is my favorite product in this package. The cream blush blends perfectly in my skin. It’s not so peachy but it’s very natural in my skin. 

My Favorite Things Lip Balm Color is my top two favorite things in this package. The Lip Balm is in Socialite Queen color, number 1. After I look at the lip balm, I think it’s gonna be matte, but it turns into lil bit glossy,,,,,a minute after,,,,it turns into matte! Such a surprising things. My lips really really so smooth like I'm using kind of pricey lipbalm. It’s so moist and natural. I really looove this kind of lipbalm!

The last product is Emina City Chic CC Cake in shade butterscotch. Actually, I’m a lil bit confused to differentiate between BB and CC haha anyway this product is a unique combination between powder and foundation that can gives a matt and velvety complexion. The powder is very very easy to blend and so much moisturizes my skin. It’s very light so I’m gonna use Emina City Chic CC Cake as my everyday makeup.

So, here is my total looks wearing makeup by Emina Cosmetics

It's very very natural, so it almost look like 'no make-up' makeup
It's selfie time! 
I never tried some beauty product from local brand. Until I found Emina…my mind is twisted because of this wonderful beauty product. Emina is soo good for everyday makeup. It’s so light and moisturizing. It's also very long-lasting so you do not worry to touch up your makeup. Oh and you can get this product in affordable price. Thank you Emina Cosmetics for this gorgeous emergency makeup supply!

Because Emina love you so much and you are born to be loved. So don’t think twice, hurry up and grab your personal emergency makeup supply asap!!!

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